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  • Socrates most famous quotes

    Sometimes when we analyze the past history of humanity we understand more about the present. Socrates was one of the most famous philosophers in history. Here is a small collection of his most famous […]

  • We fail to see there is so much good in the world

    Everyday we are constantly bombarded with news meant to get a rise out of us. In this field we fail to see that the good in the world does outweigh the bad. The way everything on TV is bad news gets […]

  • This could stop nearly all traffic accidents

    There is a simple fix we are overlooking to the problem of traffic accidents. We need to educate and enforce setting the distance we follow each other when we drive. Yes this classically referred to […]

  • We need to have a serious discussion on Chemtrails

    Chemtrails, most often depicted as a conspiracy theory are more true than we all believe. They are right in front of our eyes. As I look up in the sky on a clear morning they are scattered and […]

  • Quantum Entanglement Theory

    The theory of quantum entanglement could be one of the most important variables in the existence of the universe. Albert Einstein famously called it “spooky action at a distance”. Quantum […]

  • The Theory of Light

    As humans we are made up of the same elements that make up the sun, the stars and the moon. We are made up of about six elements, oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus, and […]