10 traits of an Awakened Soul


Source: Flickr


Being “awakened” means something different to everyone. Being awakened is the understanding and expansion of your mind. It is the phenomenon of the mind changing its consciousness. It means you are more aware of hidden truths. These are 10 traits that you may be on your way to becoming awakened.


1. You sense and feel awareness of the truth.

The “truth” can mean different things to different people. People as they progress throughout their life start to understand things more. This is the beginning stage and one of the most important ones. Follow your curiosity, search for the answers, don’t dismiss your feelings that you could understand more about the world around you. You might just become more awakened with awareness and find something that is special to you.

2. You are very sensitive.

As humans we are very sensitive. We are sensitive to others and everything around us. People’s energy both good and bad start to influence you more. This includes sensitivity to the internet, television, and many other electronics. Some believe hidden messages are sent through electricity. It could be the universe speaking to you. You start to notice this moments of synchronicity. Some have reported television that feel they are speaking directly to the viewer. It is also being very sensitive to what others say about you and those around you. Try to keep up a personal bubble when things really bother you and see them for what they are.

 3. You start to care about your body and eat healthy.

Your body is your temple. You start to become aware as you get older your body that you use will degrade. Your body is just a temporary vehicle you use to move around on this planet. While you are here you need to take care of it. Everything you eat your body becomes. Food is like the oil for your machine. Whatever you “run” through your body will ultimately decide how healthy your billions of cells are, that make up you.

4. You are hearing your “inner voice” speak to you more frequently.

Throughout your day you start to hear your “inner voice” speaking to you more. You can start to see when situations arise there is something inside of you greater than there was before. Listen to your inner voice. Nurture your inner voice. Evolve your soul and consciousness to a higher level of vibration.

5. You are wanting to bring the meaning of life out into the light.

At this point you feel a strong urge to help others understand what is coming to light for you. You wish everyone could feel and appreciate the understanding you have for your new found beliefs.

6. You are more conscious about how people and animals are treated around you.

As you see people and animals around you being mistreated you can’t help but feel like you need to help them. This a natural feeling that can arrive when you have more awareness. You understand how intelligent we are as humans. There is no need for a species as intelligent as us to harm and bully those around us.

7. You want a fundamental change in this world.

You see the bad things that are in this world. You want to make a change and educate people that we can become so much more than we are currently being. Only when we educate every person and soul on the planet will we reach that shift of consciousness to becoming morally better.

8. You want to help the people of this world and connect with them.

You wish to connect to the large mass and help the people of the world. Little do we know every thought we have has a GREAT influence on the global consciousness. The global consciousness is the culmination of everyone’s thoughts. Imagine once 99% of all people have good, peaceful thoughts all the time what the world could become.

9. You feel the need to search for answers and the truth much of the time.

You have a thirst for knowledge. You can’t help but want to find more. More truth and more answers about the world. Again follow your intuition and inner voice. Use the resources around you and find what you are longing for.

10. People and things around you give off energy and you start to notice this more and more.

Everything is energy. Everything gives off an aurora. Through the awakening process you start to notice these energies more. You start to feel them and notice what kind of energy is around you. Cultivate the good energies and put up walls against the bad energy. This trait is a difficult one to master.


Many of these things are traits that people feel when they are reaching their next stage in their personal growth. If you are feeling these continuing following your intuition. Search for the answers you are looking for. You can start to believe what feels right to you. You might just find there are millions of people just like you, who have found their own truth, and developed a deep understanding of consciousness and humanity. We are all just here temporarily. What we do we has a greater impact on more than you can believe. Even small thoughts can alter the global consciousness, make it for the better.