5 ways to raise your vibration with your Body, Heart and Mind Chakra


Image: MorgueFile

You can greatly influence all of your surroundings. You can raise the vibrations of all those around you as well. You can do this is several ways.

1. The first way is exercise. This is your body chakra, when exercising you are working almost all the seven chakras at once. This is the best way to raise your own vibration. It increases your blood flow and gets your heart flowing. Try to go for a jog daily.

2. The second is use your thoughts to raise your vibrations and those around you. By thinking of good thoughts and having faith things will work out right you are immediately changing the atmosphere that surrounds you to positivity.


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3. The third is to physically help your surroundings. Pay attention to those around you. Love those around you. Help the plants, environment and animals around you. This will create change in your life. The universe will see what your actions are doing.

4. Actions are what really matter. It doesn’t matter if you are thinking about going for a run, or thinking about helping someone. The key is to follow through what you preach.

5. Recently I have learned the great power of the heart. I always thought that your mind and thoughts have the biggest affect on the world around you. The power of the heart can be so much greater. Feel your heart emanate good into the world. Your heart has a great electromagnetic field around it. It can go 5-10 feet away from your body. You can literally “feel” your heart emitting if you try hard enough. Use this power of your heart and influence those around you.