Dolphins are one of the most intelligent species – we should protect them


Source: Flickr, Wiki, Huffington, NYtimes

Dolphins are one of the most intelligent species on the planet. They are right up there with primates, elephants and some birds. If you haven’t seen the movie The Cove I highly recommend watching it.

We have no business hunting and brutally destroying this species. Studies have shown they have an incredible intelligence and society amongst themselves. Scientists haven’t figured out exactly what their speech means. There have been studies that the dolphin speech has over 60,000 words in it. That is a truly amazing feat.

One could imagine they can literally speak to one another much like humans do. Beyond their intelligence most people can see that they have a deep depth of emotions. Much like any other animal. We should save the fishing for other species not included these highly evolved animals like dolphins and whales.

As humans we are sort of like the rulers of the planet. We can manipulate the environment and our surroundings to our will. We should be more evolved and aware of this.

It is a primitive act to harm any beings of a lesser intelligence.

The manner in which these animals are hunted also needs to be addressed. If we can reach that next stage of evolution and awareness we can become so much more than we currently are.

Think of the human whole, the collective of all that we are. There is much bad going on with our world. We destroy and pollute our planet. There is also a great amount of good too. There are people who are actively trying to educate the population to a higher level of living.

The way I have always looked at it since I was a kid is there are billions of humans. All of us make up a collective whole. Imagine if everyone understood that our time here is so short. How you act will influence what kind of person you become. With my short time here I choose to be good and help everyone I meet. As advanced as we are there is no need to harm anything of a lesser intelligence. That is your primitive nature you need to overcome in the 21st century. We have more knowledge now then has ever been available in the history of mankind. We need to use this knowledge and understand there is a better way of living.

What you do with your life will influence what kind of spirit you will have growing inside of you. You will want to grow your spirit to the highest level you can. It will dictate what you become. We can water the earth with such positive energy that we can change the entire planet’s consciousness.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” ~Edmund Burke