Four Fundamental Forces of Physics

Physics theory

My theory is that these basic forces can interact on all levels of existence, meaning they can transform into one another. I do not believe this theory has been fully established yet by the scientific community.

The four basic forces in physics are fundamental knowledge for anyone wanting to learn about physics. They are in simple terms, Electricity, Magnetism, Gravity and strong and weak nuclear forces.

These forces can be transformed into one another. For example Magnetism can be converted into Electricity. Gravity can be converted into Electricity or Magnetism. Perhaps Gravity can also be converted into Nuclear Forces. Using this formula that each basic force can be transformed with one another we get a multitude of possibilities.

Gravity + Magnetism + Electricity + Nuclear forces = ?? (plasma?)

Magnetism converted to Electricity (basic generator)

Electricity + Magnetism = Gravity

You can think of multiple ways these forces interact. The main theory is how these forces interact with one another, we could possible use them to defeat gravity or end the world’s energy problem.


Practice being a physicist, read below and follow onto wiki. Put the pieces of the puzzle together.


Four Fundamental Forces (Wiki)

The four fundamental interactions of nature[3]
Property/Interaction Gravitation Weak Electromagnetic Strong
(Electroweak) Fundamental Residual
Acts on: Mass – Energy Flavor Electric charge Color charge Atomic nuclei
Particles experiencing: All Quarks, leptons Electrically charged Quarks, Gluons Hadrons
Particles mediating: Not yet observed
(Graviton hypothesised)
W+ W Z0 γ (photon) Gluons Mesons
Strength at the scale of quarks: 10−41 10−4 1 60 Not applicable
to quarks
Strength at the scale of
10−36 10−7 1 Not applicable
to hadrons