Having a baby can change your life for the better


The first positive thing about having a baby is the increase in energy you will have. I was tired a lot before and not as focused as I am now. We are on day four of having our newborn at home. I knew it would change me but it is something else when it finally happens. I imagined having great feelings. However there are feelings you never knew existed.

Even when I am sleeping I am awake, you have to be. You have to be alert and ready to take care of the baby at all times, making sure shes safe. I like to think of this advancing me to the next stage of life. Like in football the first quarter of my life wasn’t easy. My parents were a bit preoccupied and took a hands off approach. I learned a lot about life by teaching myself, the hard way. I didn’t realize when I was young that this world is huge machine, a giant ball of chemical reactions creating events. That extra second you took reading the newspaper can send a ripple effect of where you would be that day. Many people are not good people, some are really out to get you. You have to distance yourself from these people, they could even be your good friends. I didn’t know this. My parents did a good job however and I am closer to them then ever. Many parents might not like hearing it but I think everyone just tries to correct parts that their own parents failed at. Someday my own kids will do the same with their kids. Correct where I could have been better.

I spent the first quarter learning what the defense would play at me. Making many mistakes trying to learn. It was hard, I was lucky if I had $100 dollars in my account till I was 27. The first quarter taught me what not to do and many lessons hurt beyond you could imagine. You have your innocence somewhere through the first quarter. I wish I had kept my innocence till I learned how to keep it safe. That innocence was taken and I spent the end of the first quarter at war with myself. I will try to teach my kids to protect that innocence at all costs because the world will try to take it. You spend the first quarter becoming aware, becoming awake.

There’s always a blur when the first quarter ends and the second begins. There’s no break in between they just blend. I would like to think of this as starting my second quarter of life at 30. The most difficult part is forgetting the pain and mistakes of the first quarter. Most people are still haunted by the war they have created. This time will be different though. I will not be one of those people and the show must go on. I haven’t gotten to the third quarter but I am assuming its around 50 when you start to get some freedom back. Hopefully you didn’t get too far behind in the first half to make up for points lost. The turnovers hurt the most, injuries can last throughout the game and you have to catch your second wind.

By the fourth quarter you are tired. You know whether you are still in the game and what occurred. Sometimes you have to come out of the game early, sometimes you just need a break. The key is to still go out honorable and play till the end no matter the score. After the fourth quarter its simple. You go back to training camp to do it all over again.