How can we save the Earth and Humanity?


How can we save the Earth and Humanity?

After studying this planet on the deepest intellectual level and traveling the mind to the furthest points in the known universe there is only one logical conclusion. If you were to ask this question to a supercomputer, an advanced civilization far beyond anything that is known there would be one simplified answer.

Many intellectuals and celebrities have been asked this question before and it usually involves defeating climate change, feeding the poor, alternative energies, world peace, etc. One of the most brilliant men of our times, Elon Musk, speaks about his revelation in the late 90’s and his vision to take humanity to outer space and other worlds. He believes that to future proof the survival of our species we must take to the stars and colonize different planets. While he is correct that this may alleviate and secure our survival as a species it doesn’t give us the solution for saving the planet. Don’t worry Elon Musk is working on that too, he’s working on solar power, electric cars and so much more. Our other greatest challenge he believes is to stave off climate change and rid our need to rely on fossil fuels. It’s amazing how advanced we are and we still strap ourselves to highly combustible fuel and shoot ourselves up to the stars. My beautiful Earth, we can still save her.

The conclusion is the only logical choice, there is no other. It is ironic the answer comes down to a simple math problem. The number of people on the planet is continuing to grow at an unsustainable rate.

Population will be the greatest challenge of the planet. As people reproduce and spread they tend to destroy all the animals and environment around them. We will continue to spread until every last plant, every last animal, every last acre on this planet is consumed or colonized. This problem knows no foreign boundaries, it knows no race, it knows no discrimination, it is everywhere.

They predict in Africa in the next 10 years there could be up to 3 billion people on the continent. Many of which are living in poverty, without clean water, without electricity and without education. Some of the fertility rates in sub-Saharan Africa are over 10. Meaning that every women is having over 10 kids in her lifetime. Most of which have no access to healthcare or birth control. Most of the women don’t even have a choice, they are forced by men to have child after child. So every starving little child (which is heartbreaking) you feed, you will create 10 more children who need to be fed or relocated in the future. Eventually when there is 4 billion people will feel bad for them and try to relocate them. The problem will start all over again. Logistically it will not work moving them all to America. People feel bad so they let them all in, it is idiocracy at best. We are kicking the problem down the road and it will come back to us. We need to get these women in the poorest parts of the world access to birth control to give them a choice. Many don’t want to have 10 children but have no choice.

The problem knows no race, no boundaries. This isn’t a problem for Africa alone, it is happening is South America, Asia, Europe and even in developed countries like America. It happens to those from wealthy backgrounds and from poor backgrounds alike. I have seen teen pregnancies destroy the lives of far too many people. Friends, family, you name it. It happens. While those scenarios are not the end of the world for people in countries like America they perpetuate a cycle of poverty for those in other countries. In America many learn and can only afford one or two kids.

Economically they say the Earth’s carrying capacity for humans is around 10 billion. At those numbers they say we will reach a tipping point and there could be many different outcomes to balance out the planet. This could create different scenarios like famine (mass starvation), that would lead to crime and more death until the chaos came to an end and there were enough resources to start again. There aren’t enough houses around, there are many people I know who are raising a family in a two bedroom apartment, this doesn’t even go into those in the jungle ecosystem who have 10 kids and no access to healthcare or education.

If you think this is wrong then let me ask you one question. What would your world be like if there were only 500 people that lived in your hometown? Only 10,000 in the whole State you live in? Would there be enough jobs? Would there be enough homes? Now take that knowledge and apply it to the whole world. We must create a sustainable way for women ALL OVER THE WORLD to have a choice in having children. Then only possibly we can stave off the problem that will balance itself out one way or another.

We need to start thinking as a whole species. Consciousness of humanity isn’t one man but all men. Think of how good the human experience could be if we could choose how many kids we want to have and if there was enough to go around? Together we need to start today. The battle is already uphill but if we sit and do nothing we will reach a tipping point in the next 50 years.

Therefore the only logical choice based on morality and consciousness can be to help women ALL OVER THE WORLD have more rights on having children and their bodies.