Human Potential has no Limit


Human beings have so much potential in them it is unfathomable. With all the problems in the world it is often overlooked what we could become in the future.

We all have goals. A good example is the first man to run a 4 minute mile. At the time it was unheard of, they called it crazy. Soon after people all over world began running 4 minute miles.

Humans could rapidly evolve into our real potential. We have the potential to save nature, to stop all the killing and corruption in the world. We have the potential to solve our energy problems and our overpopulation problems.

When you are thinking of your own potential, think of this. Where does your potential end? It doesn’t, there is no ceiling. We could become the advanced people we were born to become. Humans weren’t meant to destroy the planet and hurt each other, we were born to save the world and help everyone grow. We can’t make that jump to our true potential until we first understand that is it possible to become that.


Human Potential has no Limit. This video explains it well.