Increase protected land in the world


Source: Protected Planet, Protected Area – Wiki, United Nations, Flickr

It is one of my greatest passions. Protected land is land that is mainly untouched by the human population. This is land that is set aside and can never be built on or contaminated. It is also a sanctuary for many species and living things that are losing their home.

We need to get smart on environmental sustainability! Protected land has seen an increase more in the 21st century than in the past. We have over 15.4% of all land on Earth protected according to the United Nations in 2015. That is a step up but we need to do better. Only 3.4% of all ocean land is protected according to the United Nations in 2015. We need to get both of those numbers doubled and tripled, or as high as possible! We should have at least over 25% of all land preserved from human development. Let’s get it out there in the world consciousness, let’s work for it. We need to conserve and save animals on this planet.

2015 Conserved Land: This Map is a tad misleading because if you zoom in some areas are smaller green than they appear when viewing the world map. Still it is easy to see Europe is leading the way. A truly brilliant group of countries Europe is.

Protected Land in the world

This is more what it should look like. Its not too much to ask. We can make it happen. The only way is if countries start setting land aside. There is also a lot of very wealthy people who buy thousands of acres and set it aside for conservation. Not nearly enough in my opinion. Protected-Land-in-the-world-Edited We are a very old species. Humans have been around for hundreds of thousands of years. We rule this planet. We have the unique ability to drastically change our world for the better or for worse. We can be so much more than we give ourselves credit for and what we currently are as a collective group. By that I mean all humans together actually form a collective group and consciousness.

Humans could be one of the most intelligent beings to ever live. Some would argue we already are. We have put a man on the moon, advanced medical and scientific fields way beyond imagination, we have achieved flight and created great achievements. Now we need to use our intelligence and advance to the next level.

I would like you to imagine something. Think about a species who is so intelligent, they are all knowing and see things with such clarity it would make any task have an answer. Now why don’t we strive to be that species. We can do it. We are dragged down by competition and lack of resources. Mainly dragged down by money. Put our worldly problems aside and lets take care of this beautiful planet we all live on.

There is no need to wait until far in the future. We have these thoughts now and there are millions who support them. Protect and conserve the land and animals now. We have already built on almost every square acre on the earth. Lets set aside 25% of the of the land for the things that were here for billions of years and will be here long after we are gone.

Lets become that highly advanced and intelligent species we were born to be. Let’s clean up the world and advance to the next stage of human evolution. That means protecting the planet we live on. The animals and all the living things on this planet need the protection too. Earth is our home. Lets not be a disease to it. Lets be its protector.