Is the Pineal Gland the Seat of the Soul?

pineal gland

Descartes was a brilliant philosopher who wanted to understand everything about our bodies that make us special. In 1662 he famously made the phrase that the Pineal gland is “the seat of the soul”. Meaning this gland is our direct link to our soul. This is the first of the glans or organ to be developed as a baby. It is one of the first things that can be noticed as early as 3 weeks in the uterus.

The pineal gland is the size of a pea and located in the middle of the brain, attached to the brain stem. It is responsible for regulating many of our hormones in our bodies. Hormone control has a direct effect on how we think, act, grow and feel.


The main hormone the pineal gland is proven to release in melatonin. Some people may have taken melatonin to help regulate they’re sleep patterns. Melatonin (wiki) is also a powerful antioxidant, protector of our nuclear and mitochondtrial dna, and protects against harmful effects of radiation on our cells. Melatonin also reacts with our bodies and immune systems in ways that aren’t fully understood yet. The pineal gland produces melatonin from our serotonin, which is a powerful hormone regulating our moods, learning and sleep cycles.

There is much debate in online communities whether the pineal gland also releases DMT in our bodies. The molecule structure is remarkably similar. The effects of DMT are very controversial. Huge amounts of people believe at death this molecule is released in massive amounts to transport our consciousness to another location (or give us hallucinations, NDE (near death experiences)). Many people who take DMT report of “blasting off” and being transported to other parts of the universe and interacting with entities there. The study of DMT is a whole other animal of study.

pineal molecules

The interesting thing about the pineal gland is it is a singular gland. Where we live in a world of duality, this gland isn’t a mirror image of itself. To understand that you have to understand that our entire bodies are mirror images. There is a left and right side of our brain, a left and right side of our bodies, we have two eyes, two ears, two arms and the list goes on. We are mirror images of ourselves as our cells divide creating multiple sides. We love and hate, we feel warm and cold, there is an up and down, life and death, feeling good and not feeling good. This gland doesn’t have two sides to it. It is a singular gland. There is not a right and left side of it.

One proposed theory is that this is the direct link to our “higher selves”. Some believe that in the old testament (Genesis and other ancient stories) that speaks of Giants who found the daughters of men beautiful. These Giants married the daughters of men and had children with them. Theoretically of course this would mean that people are born of two worlds. We would have two selves, your earthly self and your heavenly self from somewhere in the universe. Who do you think you are talking to when you talk to yourself? This analogy can go on, would be very hard to prove but albeit a very interesting theory.

Author’s Take

This gland is one of the most interesting studies I have come across. This was also before I read up on Descartes fascination with the gland. I didn’t know much about Descartes but have been reading more on him. The DMT studies are also very interesting in that everyone who experiences the phenomenon report similar occurrences of being transported in a very fast fashion, like the star trek warp drive with stars flashing past you. There could be more to the pineal gland than we have understood. This of course will take some serious medical research to get to the bottom of. Results remain inconclusive but the online community remains abuzz with real life stories.