It took me a long time to learn that Animals Belong in the Wild

humans vs nature

Throughout my life I had direct bond with nature. I love all animals. It’s a bond even my mother describes that she has never seen before. With this link I loved being around animals. I caught everything and tried to keep them safe. I caught turtles, snakes, squirrels, rodents, baby raccoon’s, lizards, frogs, fish and even a baby alligator once. That doesn’t even list all the pets and wildlife I have interacted with. Truth is animals can never be safe in captivity besides a dog or cat, no more than two in a house (for the hoarders). Animals can’t even really be safe with human interaction most of the time, we do more harm than good.

Mother Nature wasn’t meant to be tampered with by humanity, if anything we should be protecting it. We are advanced beings, more than people will ever realize. We are here to protect the planet although many just want to see it burn. Maybe not burn but the vast majority of people just want to get as much goods as they can. It’s a hard world these days. The poor blame the rich, the young blame the old, the old blame the young, different groups blame the other group for the reasons they aren’t succeeding. It truly is a dog eat dog world. However nature is suffering the most.

We are encroaching more and more on nature with a relentless parasitic attack on the forests and natural habitats of the world. In one of my favorite articles, Increase protected land in the world, it states that only 15% of nature and 3% of the oceans are protected. We must do better than that. Why not 25% or more like 50%? Our population is still getting out of control along with the questionable need to have more land, more goods, more everything. Frankly there just isn’t enough to go around for 7 billion people, much less 10 billion by 2040.


Getting very philosophical I truly believe we are intense conscious points of energy. We are a thing of pure energy having a human experience right now. We are so much more than the governments and curriculum’s in school are teaching us. We could easily become a very advanced species in one or two generations. Our youth is suffering though.

you are a soul

Author’s Take

It took me till last summer to truly grasp the concept of nature belonging in nature. I was on a boating trip and saw a turtle in the water. I decided to dive in and catch the turtle. The turtle did a nose dive heading for the bottom of the water. I was far to quick for him. I caught him and brought him aboard the boat. Some people passed him around, one might have dropped him and gave him back. I noticed he was injured at that time. Regardless of whether the turtle was injured before I caught him or after that isn’t the debate. I changed the life path that he was on due to my own need to capture and see nature up close. I get so sad seeing all the animals by the side of the road, it should be mandatory to have a 6 foot fence along highways. Nature doesn’t stand a chance against humans. We are fast, we are smart, we are strong. With the proper weapons and training we are unstoppable. Nature deserves to have protected land and we should be intelligent enough to give them that respect they deserve. I also believe in the Gaia theory, perhaps a greater power is all around us, watching us. This greater power uses the birds to see and the animals to hear. Why does a power as powerful as god hide in animals so fragile. If god is also an ant, that ant is so easy to kill. Why would go be an ant? To teach us humans to have humility. I truly believe one day our great kids will be amazed that we lived in a time where animals still existed in the wild.

For the rest of my life I when I see nature I observe her beauty from a distance, watching over her, like a guardian, leaving her live in the wild.