Japan’s whaling fleet is a disgrace towards humanity

anti whaling sea shepherd

In the news today it’s reported that the Japanese whaling fleet has killed 333 whales in antarctic hunt. They mask this saying it’s for “scientific” purposes. I have more respect for the Japanese than you would ever believe. They are a kind, peaceful and very aware society. I can’t fathom why they would still hold onto these barbaric practices.

These “scientific” hunts aren’t for scientific purposes. The meat ends up on dinner plates and school lunches. It’s disgusting what they do, if you haven’t ever seen the movie “The Cove” you couldn’t even imagine what they do to these animals. They think it is completely normal.

It is well known how intelligent whales and dolphins are. These are creatures that shouldn’t be brutally hunted by spear and dragged aboard ships.

Hopefully we can change the consciousness behind this terrible practice. The international court and the UN has banned them from such practices. Some experts say that Japan’s refusal to give up the Antarctic mission despite censure by the international court is largely due to a small group of powerful politicians.

There is a growing number in Japan who refuse to eat all whale meat. This practice needs to be ended here and now. By getting these thoughts out there in the open we can change the thoughts of a whole country and humanity towards brutally killing intelligent species.