Life at the Center of the Universe

center of the universe quote

There is a theory that few have heard of. That theory is that life originated at the very center of our universe. The universe is thought to be much like our Milky Way Galaxy. At the center there is a huge “sun” full of energy. From there energy, planets, rocks, stars and new galaxies spiral outward. Astronomers have evidence that there are always new stars and galaxies being formed. Scientists know that newer stars are found near the center of our own Milky Way Galaxy. galaxy

This theory would mean that life started out in the center of the universe and spread outward. The most advanced and ancient civilizations began near the center of the universe. Perhaps they were created by a higher power there. The closer you get to the center of the universe the more advanced beings you would find.

If the theory is true, as we progress through our stage of spiritual growth we advance to higher levels of existence. Think of Earth as an elementary school. Some Buddhist monks live there entire life trying to advance spiritually because they believe they will move up in the realms of existence.

Author’s take

This theory could have something to it. The great spirit could be the one that started life near the center of the universe. Ever since the self awareness of life has multiplied down the line of galaxies and planets that have spewed from the center. This theory may never be proven for thousands of years if ever. I know one thing for sure if it is real I want to move up the levels of existence and get to the realms of pure utopia. 

center of the universe quote