Love will find you when the universe believes you are ready


Image: Flickr

The universe is a majestic teacher. Throughout life you will have a series of times where you cannot find love. Love is like an elusive fox disappearing into the meadow. These times can be difficult! Believe me I know. Those times are preparing you for what is to come. Use that time to your benefit.

Love comes in waves, there will be times of immense love and times where it cannot be found.

It could takes months, or years or even a decade but eventually when you are ready love will find you.

In the meantime you should just sit back and focus on the being the right person.

The worst feeling in the world is not being ready for love when the timing is right. Focus on being healthy, being active, working out, being social, educating yourself! You may work on yourself for 10 years before you find love. Those 10 years could be the best preparation you ever did.

Think of it like boot camp. You are training yourself to be the best person you can possibly be. It is true if you are lucky and the stars align you may find a partner that you love only once or twice in life. Once or twice in your entire life will you find true love. That doesn’t give you many chances to mess it up. Love doesn’t just come around for the fun of it.

Whoever you are I speak from experience. I wasted a lot of talent in my youth.

Don’t squander your gifts! In my years I would say 4 or 5 of them I spent preparing for love and becoming the best individual i could possibly be. But most of my time I squandered my talent. Become better!

When the stars align and the universe decides you are ready, love will find you. Make sure you are ready!