Mars Dark Spots


This article is dedicated to the Dark spots that appear on Mars. Many space agencies claim that a lot of the spots are just processing errors. They don’t give us the full details.


As explained in our article Mars has liquid salty water, Is there also life on Mars?

NASA mainly just shows us pictures of a red desolate planet. NASA has millions of color pictures of Mars but they do not show us a fraction of them.

For example, Mars Odyssey arrived at Mars in 2001. It cost $300 million dollars to build and has state of the art cameras capable of imaging 10 miles at a time.

It has 5 color 800 megapixel capabilities! They have ONLY released Black and White and Thermal images to this day.

Not one color photo has been released. You can search the 380,000 images they released here.
Just saying why wouldn’t they release one color image on a 300 million dollar orbiting station.

Why can’t we see the color photos? Why hide things unless you have something to hide?


NASA claims the dark spots on Mars are just dark sentiments of Rock. The problem with this “explanation” is that the dark spots grow and shrink as the seasons go by. They are larger in the summer and smaller in the winter. Below is a picture of the dark spots.

mars dark spot

As you can see these dark spots cover a good 1/3 of the planet. They grow and shrink. And we are completely ignoring that?

India’s Mar’s orbiter arrived in September 2014 and released this picture of the dark spots. They are located all over the planet. It almost appears as there is a stream with a river coming off of the main mass.

indias mars orbiter

Authors Take

To me it looks like a growth of algae or salt water. Recently in the news NASA has released that there is liquid salty water that melts from the poles. Could this water grow and shrink throughout the entire planet? Perhaps they are slowly leaking us information to see how we take it? Perhaps the entire planet is much more habitable that we have been led to believe.


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