Mars has water, Is there also life on Mars?


Be prepared in the future to learn much more about the planet Mars that we “didn’t know” before. Perhaps Mars even has more of an atmosphere and more oxygen than we have previously known. 😉

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Space exploration is incredibly important to mankind. It is our future, it is what I believe the human race will focus on when we put our differences aside and figure out our problems here on Earth.

I am glad scientists and NASA released Monday that there is liquid briny (salty) water on Mars. “The existence of liquid water, even if it is super salty briny water, gives the possibility that if there’s life on Mars, that we have a way to describe how it might survive,” said John Grunsfeld, associate administrator for the Science Mission Directorate at NASA.

Coinciding with the release of the brilliant movie, The Martian, this has huge implications for science and all of mankind.

Still sometimes I have a problem with some of the answers that NASA gives us on the subject. For example every season there is a large “green” growth that seems to take over much of the planet Mars. This “green” growth has yet to be explained. It is highly possible that the “green” growth is in fact the briny, salty water that flows each season and dries up.

Below is what the planet looks like in the summer right now. Taken by the Viking orbiter. These dark spots as people call them, shrink as the season goes by and grows in the summer.

mars dark spot

How can you not argue that that is indeed a large briny, salty ocean that melts each summer? NASA doesn’t comment on the dark spots that cover nearly 1/3 of Mars at different times of the year.

Below is another shot of the dark spots that occur all over the planet.


I posted a picture last month on our Facebook page about Mars.

mars is really blue


I know amateur is spelled wrong but besides that. Each season amateur telescope viewers capture brilliant pictures of Mars with that large green growth depending on the season. You can see here some of the images and if you do a deep web search you are likely to find more.

However NASA mainly just shows us pictures of a red desolate planet. NASA has millions of color pictures of Mars but they do not show us a fraction of them. Here is another picture of the real color of Mars. There is a giant cover up going on here.


For example, Mars Odyssey arrived at Mars in 2001. It cost $300 million dollars to build and has state of the art cameras capable of imaging 10 miles at a time. It has 5 color 800 megapixel capabilities. They have ONLY released Black and White and Thermal images to this day. Not one color photo has been released. You can search the 380,000 images they released here.

Just saying why wouldn’t they release one color image on a 300 million dollar orbiting station.

Why can’t we see the color photos? Why hide things unless you have something to hide?

Authors Take

I truly believe the powers that be in this planet or NASA know a lot more about Mars than they tell the public. They are slowly spoon feeding us information so people don’t freak out. Many people I talk to about the subject say, “Good, that is the way they should release there is life on other planets.”

I agree with them. They should slowly leak information to the public about life on other planet’s. See how the people react to the fact of their being liquid water and go from there. We don’t want to cause panic.

Be prepared in the future to learn much more about the planet Mars that we “didn’t know” before. Perhaps Mars even has more of an atmosphere and more oxygen than we have previously known. 😉 Stay tuned…


Check out this site too, Mars Anomaly Research, if you want to see the real forests and lakes on Mars.

Related Article: Mars Dark Spots