One day the Afterlife will be a proven Theory


I predict one day there will be definitive proof of the Afterlife. Yes, one day we will know that heaven or whatever awaits us humans exists. For now this is just a theory but one day will be a fact. Much like the industrial revolution, the invention of the light bulb, or cars, or phones it will change our life forever.

Perhaps the powers that be already know that the afterlife exists and it is the most closely guarded secrets of Mankind’s history. Obviously we don’t know if there is already proof out there. If you could imagine though the mere fact that one day we will know what the afterlife really is. Think to yourself how would this newfound revelation affect humanity? Would it be better or for worse?

Well two days ago I watched a new series called, “The Good Place”. It starts off with Kristen Bell waking up dead and she has been sent to the good place. This could be the universe speaking because it’s amazing how many people believe in this sort of thing. There are good deeds and bad deeds and you get placed someone based upon how you live your life. The clip below explains that far better than I can. It’s Brilliant.

Anyways beyond that the show is made for Hollywood. I can’t endorse the show more than that. But it raises an interesting point.

So one day we will know the afterlife exists, it will remove all fear of death almost everyone has to some degree and you can focus on this life. As we have said before in one of our most popular articles Collective Consiousness of Earth, all your deeds are recorded in the universes database.

It would be so freeing. Perhaps on this day we could truly know world peace. I don’t harm any living creatures. My neighbor the other shot a bunny rabbit that was living in my backyard. I think humans have a long way to go to reach the level of spiritually we need to be at. Much like anything in life I don’t believe this will be reveled until we are ready for it. We have a long long way to go. Things in this world aren’t just given to us.

We still have so much violence and crime. It all starts with the world being overpopulated and under education. I foresee it continuing to happen until an event can change humanity for the better. This could be war, it could an inspirational person, it could be starvation or disease. There’s no telling what even could cause humanity to finally understand what we are in the universe.

In the meantime I am just a walking incarnate that tries to teach people the mortality that comes with being the most advanced species known in existence. When there is enough of us helping other’s grow and not harm living things, perhaps then we can be given the greatest secret of all time.