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  • Is the Pineal Gland the Seat of the Soul?Is the Pineal Gland the Seat of the Soul?
    Descartes was a brilliant philosopher who wanted to understand everything about our bodies that make us special. In 1662 he famously made the phrase that the Pineal gland is “the seat of the soul”. Meaning this gland is our direct link to our soul. This is the first of the glans or organ to be developed as a baby. It is one […]

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  • Life at the Center of the UniverseLife at the Center of the Universe
    There is a theory that few have heard of. That theory is that life originated at the very center of our universe. The universe is thought to be much like our Milky Way Galaxy. At the center there is a huge “sun” full of energy. From there energy, planets, rocks, stars and new galaxies spiral outward. Astronomers have evidence that there […]