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  • World Population – Mankind’s Greatest ChallengeWorld Population – Mankind’s Greatest Challenge
    One of mankind’s greatest challenges in the future will be the vast growth of population. Currently there are over 7 billion people inhabiting planet Earth. By 2050 estimates say there could be as many as 9 billion. By 2100 scientists estimate we could hit the 10 billion mark. In the article from LiveScience, most scientists agree that the Earth can […]

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  • One day the Afterlife will be a proven TheoryOne day the Afterlife will be a proven Theory
    I predict one day there will be definitive proof of the Afterlife. Yes, one day we will know that heaven or whatever awaits us humans exists. For now this is just a theory but one day will be a fact. Much like the industrial revolution, the invention of the light bulb, or cars, or phones it will change our life […]