Space could be teeming with life according to a new Theory

tardis outer space

According to the new theory published they ask the question, Could Alien Life live off cosmic rays? Much like plants use photosynthesis to take energy from our sun. The theory wonders if life could live off cosmic radiation, which is everywhere in the universe not only certain distances away from stars.

In our other article, The Panspermia Theory, it discovers the idea that there are microscopic balls of chemicals floating through space. When those chemicals interact with a plant like our own they become (or were already) organic and create the seed of life.


There is also the possiblity that Tardigrades or water bears could theoretically survive in outer space. They already live in the most harsh enviroments known to man. They survive boiling conditions and freezing conditions alike. They also have an ability to hibernate, some scientists believe they have found meteors that had Tardigrades hitchhiking on them but there has been no proof due the fact that it nearly impossible to tell if the Tardigrades were on the meter before it reached Earth or after.

One of my favorite sites now and growing up, Popular Science explores the new idea in this article found here, Maybe Alien Life Runs on Cosmic Rays Instead of Sunlight. This new theory is not related to the previous but has a different way of looking at it. It is a spinoff of a bacteria that lives on earth today underground, Desulforudis audaxviator. This bacteria lives off radioactive uranium, thorium, and potassium. Much like cosmic radiation that is all over the universe, this bacteria feeds off radioactive uranium. Scientists are unsure whether complex life above bacteria could evolve because when dealing with radiation the organism has a very low metabolism and has to repair a lot of it’s DNA from radiation damage.

Authors Take

This is a very important theory because it could set the grounds that life is everywhere in space. It might not be complex life but the fact that bacteria could survive on asteroids or barren planets is tantalizing. It means that we are not alone in the universe and life isn’t unique to Earth. A question we have been searching for a long time. For the record I think it would do humanity good if governments knew that this bacteria thrives throughout the emptiness of space.