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Four Fundamental Forces of Physics

Physics theory

My theory is that these basic forces can interact on all levels of existence, meaning they can transform into one another. I do not believe this theory has been fully established yet by the scientific community. The four basic forces in physics are fundamental knowledge for anyone wanting to learn about physics. They are in simple terms, Electricity, Magnetism, Gravity […]

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How can we save the Earth and Humanity?


How can we save the Earth and Humanity? After studying this planet on the deepest intellectual level and traveling the mind to the furthest points in the known universe there is only one logical conclusion. If you were to ask this question to a supercomputer, an advanced civilization far beyond anything that is known there would be one simplified answer. […]

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Lithium Ion Batteries that can last a Lifetime

nano wires lithium ion battery

We use batteries for everything, from cell phones to iPads to toothbrushes. It seems that scientists are one step closer to creating lithium ion batteries that last a lifetime. In this article from Computer world, Researchers at the University of California at Irvine were playing around with lithium batteries seeing how they could extend the life of the batteries. I mean […]

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Elon Musk and Tesla’s Powerwall Home Battery could change the world for the better

tesla battery

Source: http://www.teslamotors.com/powerwall When people are talking about the energy market there is a lot up for debate. Now Elon Musk’s company, Tesla Motors, is bringing to you, the Powerwall Battery. Shown below they are now taking orders and it is available to anyone for $3,500 or the lower model for $3,000. That is not much considering a backup generator for […]

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Do particles have free will?


Quantum Mechanics talks of how small particles move freely throughout our universe. Sciencenews.org asks in their article, if subatomic particles have free will? That begs the question that there is an almost infinite amount of particles in the universe. They move in unexpected patterns. Particles like electrons, neutrinos, and even light particles zip around space and pass by Earth. Physicists […]

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The Transistor is the reason for most of Mankind’s technology and development


The transistor (wiki) is soley responsible for most of the technology growth that we have experienced. A little known fact is that the transistor is found in almost every electronic device that is around you. Transistors are what make a computer work, the keyboard and the mouse on your computer, your cellphone, your cellphone charger, the tv’s in your house, […]

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