Talking to your body can help you heal – Your cells are listening

cells in your body

“Every part of your body has its own consciousness or its own soul.”

Since we were young we are taught and told what we can fix about our health and what we cannot. Perhaps science hasn’t advanced far enough to prove that a positive attitude and environment can actually heal the body. Or maybe there is some sort of control going on to hold people back from being healthier. I would like to share a theory on the subject.


That’s right, I believe our bodies have a greater ability to heal than anyone has taught us to believe. Think of the world as keeping your mind in a box as to what you can fix about your body and what you cannot. Stepping outside of that box you can fix more about your body by thought alone.

There have been multiple studies how animals and even plants are affected by the emotions of their surroundings. Simply singing or talking to a plant has been proven to help the growth of the plant, by theoretically creating a “happy” plant.

The best way to go about healing your body would be to take some deep breaths. Focus on the area of pain that you are experiencing. If it is back pain or neck pain try to relax yourself. Take deep breaths until you are calm. Then try communicating to those cells that you would like them to heal. Bone tapping is an ancient technique for healing. Incorporate the touch and bone tapping on the places you would like to heal.

Remember your body is made up of trillions of cells. The estimate science uses is somewhere between 15-70 trillion cells make up who you are. Try to communicate with the ones that are harmed. Breath good, eat healthy and drink lots of water. Give your body the chance to heal itself.

Another interesting fact, of those 70 trillion cells damage in the DNA can turn them into diseases like cancer. A healthy person is estimated to get rid of around 5,000 damaged (cancer) cells in a day. The key is to keep as many cells healthy as possible. Everyday each one of us is killing “cancer” in our body.

By having more healthy cells you give your body the ability to kill off more of the unhealthy cells. This is best done through being happy, having positive emotions, exercise, diet, hygiene, and taking care of your body in any way you can.

Author’s Take

Looking at studies both in the field and in our personal lives we can see that positive environments can grow healthier people, plants and animals. If we can create a positive environment in our minds we can grow healthier cells in our body. Using calming techniques and actually trying to communicate to our cells with love and positive reinforcement could scientifically have a positive impact on each individual cell.




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