The 3 treasures – Compassion, Moderation and Humility


Source: Wiki, Flickr

One great life lesson I have learned in my life is the three treasures (jewels) of the Tao. The treasures are compassion, moderation and humility. There is many different interpretations of these three lessons.

Compassion – This is arguably the most important one for others and this world in my opinion. This means have compassion, love, kindness, mercy and other words of that nature. Have this compassion for all living and non living things. Have this compassion for everyone you meet in your journey through life here. This goes hand in hand with treating everything gently. Do no harm to planet and do no harm to those things who call Earth home.

Moderation – This is more for the benefit of yourself and those who are going to be using Earth in the future. This means use things with moderation. This could mean don’t over consume on resources. Yes, we have access to a lot of goods and services. Use them wisely. Do not over indulge. Save some things for the future generations. This also to me means if you consume alcohol or other things always do so with moderation. If you have a glass or two of wine one night. Take the next week or so off. Always moderate your guilty pleasures. This also encompasses do not waste! There is no need to waste things we are blessed with in life. Many people are not well enough to have things many of us throw away or take for granted.

Humility – The last and final treasure. This is often the most difficult to master. This comes with acceptance. We are not perfect people. We must have humility in life when we make mistakes. It is one of the greatest qualities we can obtain. Even if we are all knowing and perfect in so many ways. When we make a mistake by accidient it is important to admit it. This can give us humility. Humility is also accepting that we are not the most powerful being. One thing I have learned is if you are the fastest and strongest person in the room, somewhere in the world there is someone faster and stronger on that given day. You may have a great day where you are the world’s best, you win the gold. But in a few weeks or years there will be someone better. It is human nature, it is within our global collective population. We will always strive to be better. Have the humility to at least understand and acknowledge this.