The Balance of the Universe Theory

balance of the universe

The Universe will always remain in balance. For every action there is an equal an opposite reaction. We already live in a world of duality. Hot and cold, good and bad, we have an up and down, left and right. Even in our own lives the balance of the universe is shown. Courage is preceded by fear, doubt before certainty . The balance of these variables we all face, both sides of the hemisphere, must always remain in full balance.

“Countless words count less than the silent balance between ying and yang.”

~ Lao Tzu

Between these great strides we do day by day there lies the line between them. That sacred space between the waves like where the ocean meets the land. That perfect area of balance. It is what we all strive for, the chemicals in our body can get us all worked up and stressed out. The key is to remember that the universe will always balance itself out.

universe in balance

Authors Take

It is hard to truly grasp all the little things in the universe that are being balanced. These things can be seen all around us. The universe will always strive to find the balance. This could be important in our personal lives. We need to remember that although there is a lot of bad in the world, as that bad grows the good will grow with it. This will happen until we reach that day of the great “paradigm shift”, the ascension, the great awakening of awareness.