The key to success – Treat everyone with respect


Source: Flickr

One of the old sayings is “anger is like a flame, holding onto it you will only burn yourself”. One life lesson I learned is always treat people with respect. Most people don’t forget things, especially when they were treated wrong. You may pick on someone at school or at work when they are young and vulnerable. Someday when they grow up they will remember how you made them feel. The universe could have you cross paths in future and they may not treat you the best.

The best way to build a successful life is through the people you meet. Jobs are often won by knowing the right people. Your personal skill set is also important but how you come across is almost more important. How you treat people is your most valuable asset.

When you are young you don’t realize how much impact you can have on your own future. It is very hard waking up 30 or 40 years old thinking why wasn’t i making these right moves when I was 20.

A reputation takes a lifetime to build and only seconds to destroy.

Another good lesson is, don’t burn the wrong bridges in life. You never know who could help you in the future. Treat everyone you meet with respect and honor.

Everyone is together in the great pool of people living here. Some people are more highly evolved and some still need a lot of work. Just because a person is not very advanced in the way they treat people that doesn’t mean you have to be that way.

Think of it as helping a small animal who doesn’t know any better. At the end of everything and your life here you will have a life resume. Help as many people and livings things as you can.

There is much proof that karma really does exist. A lot of people believe eventually even at the end of it all you have to repay your all your karma that you accumulated during your life.

There is an old theory that there are billions and billions of souls that live in the universe. Some are good, some are bad. There are millions of good acts done and millions of bad acts done everyday. This all balances out like a scale. If you could picture it like the picture below. There is a lot of red and blue people. The blue are all knowing and completely good to everything they meet. The red are destructive and can’t control their emotions. The red don’t show any compassion for those they meet. 4981400669_0e4f7dd46e_bIf this theory is true we need to tip the scales in the side of good. Over time everyone can become more compassionate and respectful to each other. The goal in the end would be to convert all the people who are red to become more good. This could take a lifetimes work on one red person. But at the end maybe we can show a picture of all blue dots. This would be many, many generations down the road. We can hope!

On top of all the good reasons to treat people with respect there is one good reason. Do it for you. You never know who in the future could help you in a time of need. Don’t burn those bridges that someday could cross you into a brighter future.