The Lighthouse vs The Tugboat – Short Story

lighthouse vs tugboat

Both the Lighthouse and Tugboat can save boats in the water. Their functionality is dramatically different in how they save the boats.

The Tugboat pulls and strains dragging the boat out of the shallow dangerous water. In doing so the Tugboat harms its own lifespan at the cost of helping the boats.

The Lighthouse stands stationary, shining its light bright. It stands as a beacon showing the boats where the safety is.

Both the Lighthouse and the Tugboat are needed in the safety and success of both the waters that they stand for, and the boats that are in the water. Neither the Tugboat nor the Lighthouse are more important than the other, they simply help in different ways.

Each person in life, has the option of helping deliver knowledge, but the way in which you choose to deliver and help other individuals and the world can vary. Are you more of the Tugboat, dragging people to the knowledge to save them? Or are you more of the Lighthouse, standing tall and showing the knowledge you have in hopes that people will want to follow your light and take the knowledge by themselves?

The only wrong way of teaching and passing knowledge on, is to not do anything at all.