The Real Mars Lakes and Forests


This is some of the best evidence of life on mars I have found to date. Remember we have never heard a peep from NASA or JPL on the real mars. They just show us a red dessert. All these pictures are verified and you can click the link below for the actual picture from NASA. They have all been taken by the High Resolution Orbiter that is orbiting Mars.

It was well done and founded by J.P. Skipper. His website is but the website seems to have gone inactive. He had thousands of posts, an old archive still exists here of his research although I am not sure how long it will remain open.

Mars Surface Water

mars lakemars lakes

Google 29 12 03.59 N— 81 53 24.79 W. – Verify M0902042 at MSSS and USGS

mars lakes 2mars lakes 3

E0801033 at MSSS and USGS – Verify E0801033 at MSSS and USGS

mars lakes 4mars lakes 5

M0901354 at MSSS and USGS – M2100302 at MSSS and USGS

marks lakes 6marks lakes 7

Verify M2101233 at MSSS and USGS. – Verify M1201191at MSSS and USGS

marks lakes 8mars lakes 9

M1300009 at MSSS at and USGS –  E0301938 at MSSS and USGS

mars lakes 10mars lakes 11

M1401647at MSSS and USGS – M1500073 at MSSS and USGS

Mars Forest Bio-Life

mars forestsmars forests 1

M0804688 at MSSS and USGS – M0703768 at MSSS and USGS

mars forests 2mars forests 3

S0600607 at MSSS and USGS – S0800425 at MSSS and USGS.

mars forests 4mars forests 5

M0902835 at MSSS and USGS – S0702300 at MSSS and USGS

mars forests 6mars forests 7

M0804110 at MSSS and USGS – E0900320 at MSSS and USGS

mars forests 8mars forests 9

S0800782 at MSSS and USGS –  S0702623 at MSSS and USGS

mars forests 10mars forests 11

S0801170 at MSSS and USGS – S0800050at MSSS and USGS


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