The Theory of becoming Spiritually “Awakened”


Spiritual Awakening means a dramatic shift in awareness. To become aware of something that was previously hidden.

According to the Spirit Wiki, the shift in people becoming awakened started in 2003 and has accelerated greatly since. This acceleration is due to technology, globalization, communication and mainly because of the internet.

Awakening can be categorized into a few different categories, the first is individual awakening, that is pretty straightforward.


The next is collective awakening, where a group comes together with a purpose to become awakened. Like we do here at Interesting Theories.

The last is global awakening. This would include the whole earth shifting into a global awareness of what we are becoming and who we are as people. This could dramatically change our planet for the better. It has been happening for a long time and will continue to happen at a faster rate.



A personal experience of mine is, I was “awakened” in 2007 by forces I cannot explain. This was before I knew of anything about the world around us. It is a hard scenario to imagine but I was awoken by forces through profound uses of synchronicity. Events happened in my life that seemed like fate. Those forces used music and television to show me signs of synchronicity. Think when you hear that song that came on the radio that comes to you on the exact day and the exact time that you needed it. From there the internet took over. When you search the web there are millions of people being “awakened” up to the world around us.




The theory is we are all all becoming awakened.

There are those of us who are trying to stop the hate, the crime and the evil in the world. We are trying to help the animals and the plants that live here. We are trying to have clean food and clean energy. We are trying to become that hyper advanced, intelligent species we are meant to become.

Though the world is still dragged down by those who have yet to become awakened, by those who cannot wake up because they are uneducated, or because they are poor, or because this world has put them in circumstances they cannot overcome.

Together we can spread the word of love and show that anyone can become awakened, it just takes the right teacher.