The Theory of Light

theory of light

As humans we are made up of the same elements that make up the sun, the stars and the moon. We are made up of about six elements, oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus, and traces of the others. Our sun is made up of those same very elements. The radiation it gives off is traces of those elements. We are literally made of stardust.

The interesting part of this all is what we truly are. We are these elements that are frozen in time and molded to our body. We are frozen light that is trapped in time for the duration of our life. It’s crazy to think but we are all just frozen starlight where time is slowed down. We do not move at the speed of light anymore.

The answer must lie somewhere in the electromagnetic spectrum. Electromagnetic Spectrum

electromagnetic spectrum properties

I believe some of the most famous questions for mankind lie in these spectrum. There is a theory out there that our thoughts actually can ride these different types of rays. Perhaps even spiritualism or our afterlife can be further explained in one of these spectrum’s. To understand something fully you must break it down to its most basic component. These are the basic components of everything in the universe. There is more that isn’t seen here like magnetic fields but answers could lie in light. After all the light always expels the darkness, we are drawn towards the light, everything we believe in usually incorporates light to some degree.