The Theory of the Earth being a Living Organism – The Gaia Theory


source: flickr

The Theory that the earth is living is known as the Gaia Theory. This theory proposes the idea that the earth is a living, breathing Organism.

The Earth is a complex living being, with the sky being its lungs, the water being its fluids and the earth beings its matter. There are many who believe the earth can “feel” what we are doing to it. All the living organisms here, including people, are just an extension of the Earth organism.


If this theory hold true then the Earth would be an all-knowing, living thing. The Earth would know of what is going on all over the planet. The birds are the messengers to the Earth. The Earth would theoretically hear all.

If we are all connected to the Earth the Earth would hear all of our thoughts, actions and intentions. This might not be good for all us who have ill intentions.

Author’s Take

Obviously one of the biggest concerns if this Theory is true would be the fact that we are hurting the planet in many ways. The animals and plants of this planet could be the Earth’s or Gaia’s children. If we hunt them and cut them down without good intent the Earth could respond eventually. Perhaps it is waiting for the proper time to show itself. The power of Mother Nature is a strong force. We all know this to be true. Regardless we need to respect the planet as if it is living, it is our home, our lovely blue marble that we all reside on.