The Theory of the Lightworker or Starseed


The theory of a lightworker is the theory that people believe their purpose here is to help people. Not only do lightworkers help people but they want to bring the light to the world.

Most lightworkers don’t know their purpose here on Earth. All of our minds are wiped before we are sent here. Eventually a lightworker remembers his or her purpose which is to help the people of this world.

According to the TheSpiritWiki – A Lightworker’ is a Monad that has incarnated in a human body with the intention of providing assistance in bringing the Truth (with a capital “T”)’ to planet earth. There are currently millions of lightworkers active on planet earth all operating at different levels of consciousness. Some have been with the earth for millenia, some only since Lemuria, some only since Atlantis, and some only since the end of the “dark ages.” More recently incarnated lightworkers may be referred to as Starseeds.

Also from TheSpiritWiki – Starseeds – Many people these days believe in the possibility of life on other planets. Many people also believe in the possibility of reincarnation, i.e., that your soul inhabits more than one body across the infinite span of its existence. If you combine the two beliefs you get the idea of the Starseed. A Starseed is simply a Monadic Consciousness that has recently “immigrated” to planet Earth from another planet, and incarnated in an Earthly body. Their body died on the other planet, and their Consciousness came here. Thus a Starseed is simply a monadic spark that has only recently (i.e., within the last one or two lifetimes), begun inhabiting a human body.

Starseeds come from world’s without Darkness and therefore starseeds may experience dislocation, confusion, and Disjuncture during their childhood and adolescent maturation (and also into their adult lives if they do not manage even a minimal re-connection. As a result of their recent arrival, starseeds may feel “out of place,” “alien,” “different,” “alone”, “even persecuted.” They may feel “unintegrated” at several levels.

Starseeds, because their memories of light are recent, often “see” the real conditions of this Earth at a very early age. One can encourage proper awakening of a Starseed by acknowledging, and not suppressing, their insights and awareness.



Traits of a Lightworker or Starseed

  1. The feeling of being an old soul
  2. Believing that you can heal yourself and others spiritually
  3. Remembering that deep down it is your purpose in life to help all living things on this planet
  4. Feeling compelled to write or speak the truths you have found to the world

There are many other traits of the lightworker. The lightworker is an old soul who traveled from far away in the galaxy. They came to Earth with a purpose, the purpose of helping the people of this planet evolve. Also bringing the Truth of what and who we are to the front of everyone.

A lightworkers sacred purpose is to increase their awareness. Using their vessel to spread the word of light and love.


Many questions remain

  • Are Light workers real?
  • Is the idea of them just the constructs of people’s own consciousness/imagination?
  • Are there actually different beings from all over the universe influencing the planet and those who reside here?

Authors Take

Whether this theory remains true or false will be a hard one to answer. Someday if we can unlock the mysteries of the soul and speak through the ether perhaps we can answer where we come from. Far in the future when we have reached a new level of awareness on this planet perhaps we will be able to connect with where our soul originally came from.
Still to this day there are millions of people who believe in Starseeds and Lightworkers.
Some people can feel it deep within that they originated from a distant galaxy and came to Earth with the sole purpose of helping others.



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