The Theory of the Passive Universe


Sometimes theories come to me at random times. For example I was just talking with my friends and the topic came up that the universe is always watching us. A sign came in a synchronization moment where I knew the universe was watching me. Some in the group didn’t believe the universe was ALWAYS watching us, some believed the greater power only watches us from time to time.

One of the girls instead believed that the universe was only sometimes watching. She stated that we are in a “doll house”. That we are all characters here on the Earth, sometimes we are watched over while other times we are free to walk around on our own. Another good analogy would be like we are in “The Sims”. Sometimes the universe is watching us and guiding us, other times we are doing whatever we feel like doing.

We can always exhibit our own free will. We can make mistakes or things can happen that aren’t planned. It is true we always have our own free will, perhaps the world is just one big chemical reaction.

Hence the universe could be a passive watcher. Sometimes I truly believe the universe can intervene and create miracles for those who need it. Other times the universe could be on vacation or something else the universe would be doing other than watching every human being on the planet.

However, something in me always believes that the universe is always watching and looking out for us. Maybe there are others who look out for us on behalf of a greater power in times where the greater power can’t be found, example angels in the bible. Perhaps we are in this doll house where sometimes we are left on our own, to go on our own path without any protection or intervention. There’s no way to know for sure if the universe is always watching us, we can only feel what we believe inside of us.