The Theory of your Brain being a Receiver like a Cell Phone

brain thoughts outward

Throughout your day you have thousands of thoughts fluttering into your head. Sometimes they enter relentlessly and we must learn to filter our thoughts and where those thoughts lead us.

The theory is that your brain works like a receiver. Much like a cellphone your mind receives signals from the world around us. People around you can clutter your thoughts. In the ambient air there are thoughts and signals floating around. Perhaps are thoughts are actually coming from our database which is located hundreds of light years away in space. That would mean we are remotely controlled from a distance.human mind to universe

When you day dream you go off on tangents, thinking to yourself about future events or imagining things around you. One thought can lead to another and that thought leads to another. Everyone knows we can drive ourselves crazy with the possibilities of the past and future.

We do have a defense against all this though. We have a thick skull that protects us. Sometimes I learned you can really get into the moment. I called this a realization point to myself. We you feel so in the present your thoughts about what happened that day or what am I going to do tomorrow at this meeting all flew away.

With proper training and meditation I believe you can filter those thoughts that come into your mind. Some people have never been trained to filter their thoughts. The best way to do this is to practice. When a thought comes into your head. Acknowledge that it is a thought and then simply let it go.

Meditate in silence. Don’t allow yourself to think and see what comes into your mind.


There is also the theory that negative thoughts try to influence us. We live in a world of duality. There is both good and bad here.

Signals can come from anywhere in the universe. There are places of origin of these thoughts and emotions. Perhaps there is a specific tangible place in the universe that hate comes from.

Even Einstein and Tesla believed in this.

tesla universe is a reciever

Some of the great minds of our time believed they could “tap” into these thoughts and pull brilliant ideas from it. Those great minds like Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein. Einstein is said to go into deep meditative states and pull brilliant inventions with thoughts that entered his mind.

The rabbit hole goes deep though. As we can feel and understand these truths of the universe we still have the battle to control our mind.

If we can control our thoughts and let the good thoughts from all over the universe enter our life we will be masters of a power that few truly know, pure love.