The Transistor is the reason for most of Mankind’s technology and development


The transistor (wiki) is soley responsible for most of the technology growth that we have experienced. A little known fact is that the transistor is found in almost every electronic device that is around you. Transistors are what make a computer work, the keyboard and the mouse on your computer, your cellphone, your cellphone charger, the tv’s in your house, your refrigerator, your stove, your hairdryer and almost everything else that uses electricity.

The transistor was first developed in 1947 after World War II and it’s first release was in 1948. It is a fundamental building block in all electronic devices. The transistor works by amplifying and switching electronic signals in a device. Simply stated it turns switches on and off using electricity pulses in your devices.


As stated it is one of the greatest technologies ever invented. It is soley responsible for the growth of technologies after WWII. Without it we wouldn’t have advanced computers or some of the other things we take for granted. Even radio and communication technology was bulky and wouldn’t have the range it has to this day.

There is a few conspiracies on how we actually developed this technology. One of the main inventors was William Shockley. He was working on a rectifier and then suddenly noticed the properties it has which became the transistor.

Ironically this was right after the war when the USA brought many scientists from Germany from Operation Paperclip ( source). Operation Paperclip brought the best minds from Germany back to the United States before the Soviets could Seize them. According to wiki over 1,500 German scientists, technicians and engineers were given citizenship due to their extraordinary intelligent and achievements. This also could have factored into the great technological development after 1945.

Also in July 8, 1947 the crash at Roswell was reported. There are many people who believe the transistor was a technology that was reverse engineered from that crash. The transistor started being developed in 1947 and the transistor wasn’t released until 1948. Strange coincidence as well.

Regardless of how the Transistor was developed it was one of the greatest technological achievements mankind has ever developed.