The truth about Life on Mars

mars is really blue

The truth about Life on Mars, put a microscope on Mars. The way to find life on Mars is to put a $200 microscope on the planet, NASA or the Government wont do this though because it would blow their cover-up. After doing extensive research on the planet Mars I believe I have found the proof needed to raise some eyebrows on the topic. The truth lies in the Viking Lander experiments that happened in the 1970’s (wiki). They sent four experiments designed to detect the signatures of life on the red planet. However there is much controversy that NASA intentionally heated up three of the experiments to kill all life in the soil before the experiment was completed.

Furthermore a simple google search for “Viking lander found life” will turn up thousands of articles like this one from National Geographic that you can read about the experiment. It found life and was covered up by the administration for reasons unknown.

Authors take

The proof I spoke of earlier is an easy question to the head of NASA. We spent 2.5 billion dollars on the latest rover to land on Mars, why didn’t we put a microscope on it? There is a simple way to detect life. You scoop a sample from the planet and put it under a microscope that costs $200. That would give us definitive proof of life, you could see the microbes swimming around. They wont do that though because even if they killed everything in the sample there would still be evidence under the microscope. Case solved! However we are going to have to wait for private entrepreneurs to reach the red planet before we can make the proof under the microscope, NASA wont do it.


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