Trawling Nets need to go away in Fishing


Source: Wiki, Yahoo, Flickr

Recently I read an article on a giant eel that was caught in a trawling net. Trawling nets have been used since the 15th century. They involve dragging a massive net far behind a boat. Most of the time they drag along the seabed but they can also be used at different depths.

In my humble opinion this practice of fishing should be banned worldwide.

Trawling is an incredibly dangerous and destructive method of fishing. The reason it is used is because you can have big harvests from the ocean. The problem is you catch a lot of by-catches as well. Most of the fish and animals die long before the net is retrieved by the boat.

The by-catches can include dolphins, sea turtles, sharks and even whales. Anything you can think can get entangled in the massive nets. The boat drags and drives the net all over catching anything in its path.

The animals then die after being dragged for hours and hours. They are used for nothing when the boat finally retrieves the net.

Not only is there the problem of by-catches there is also the environmental impact. Dragging a net through the bottom of the ocean destroys a lot in its path. The reefs get destroyed, seabeds, fish beds, and it stirs up tons of sediment. Some of this sediment has been buried for many years. It can be toxic to the fish around it.

We as an intelligent species need to be a lot smarter than this. We need to update our views and get rid of this destructive method of fishing. We have better ways and if not we can think of them. There is a difference between hunting and farming.

We are currently hunting the oceans getting as big of yields as we can. At every approach we need to start farming the earth. Farming is focused on sustainable management.

Whatever we take from nature should be replaced and can be replaced.

If we focused on this sustainable form of ocean and nature management our rivers would always run ramped with fish. There is plenty to go around even if we limited the amount we took out of the ocean.

“Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught we will realize we cannot eat money.” ~Indian Proverb