Want more Happiness? Surround yourself with good people


Image Source: Flickr

There have been studies showing you become like the 5 people you surround yourself most with. Make sure you choose your friends and the people you hang out with wisely.

Since you become most like the people you surround yourself with, choose your friends wisely! Pick people who bring out the best in you. We have all had those TOXIC friends who are a bad influence on you. If you feel less happy hanging out with someone then it may be time for you to move on. Deep down you should know if a friend you have is toxic or not.

Good souls recognize other good souls. If you are an old soul you will be most comfortable around other old souls. An old soul deeply wants to help the world and has a deep understanding of life. Their mission here is to help people. To nurture people to love and respect nature and the planet. It makes sense that we would be more comfortable around people of our own morals and origin.

Old soul’s will recognize other old soul’s. You may feel a deeper connection with these people. Your morals are from a different time period. It is said that the great minds throughout history were years ahead of their time.

There are many people on the world who have this view. There are millions of people who have become aware to this “advanced” way of living, so surround yourself with the good souls! Those who are here to help and are educated enough to see us for what we really are. Diving beings.