Water Geysers on Saturn’s Moon Enceladus Powered by Hot planet core


Source: Space.com, Cnet, Forbes, Flickr, Flickr2, Flickr3, Flickr4

Why aren’t more people excited about this discovery is my question? Since 2005 Cassini spacecraft has been viewing and taking pictures of Enceladus. Enceladus is one of Saturn’s moons.

They soon discovered that the planet was emitting water geysers. See below. The water then trailed all the was to Saturn’s rings accounting for some of the ice stuck in Saturn’s rings.


The cause of the water erupting from the planet is still relatively unknown. They believe it is because the planet has a very hot core. Conditions like this can be seen deep in the Atlantic ocean here on here. There can be hydrothermal vents deep in the planet that can warm the ocean underneath the surface.


To me this is a huge discovery because they believe they have found water on a distant planet. They also found traces of carbon in the ice doing a flyby. Those are the basic components of life right there!

I encourage you to do more research and look in the future for this. They believe the water and if there is an ocean below the surface to be very high PH and extremely salty. Who is to say a very basic life from could not survive those conditions. We have microbes that can survive temperatures 120 degrees Celsius here on earth.

Keep dreaming and always look to the stars.