We fail to see there is so much good in the world

earth from space view

Everyday we are constantly bombarded with news meant to get a rise out of us. In this field we fail to see that the good in the world does outweigh the bad. The way everything on TV is bad news gets us all in the mindset that the world is a bad place. This in turn creates more negative energy. If we could eliminate that negative energy, good would eventually take over and be all we know. Now it’s important to not overlook the bad in the world because there is still a lot of it everywhere. Don’t go trotting around the world promoting world peace because the world is not safe yet.

From the way we interact with our classmates and co-workers to the way we treat random people on the street. This interaction usually involves making fun of each other for enjoyment, getting a rise out of other people, we have become used to living for it. Other that people are partying trying to get out of their heads. We are over worked. The same way the news creates news to get a rise out of us, young people are learning to do the same. And you don’t want young people learning from that environment.

What we fail to realize in all this clutter that makes up our daily lives that good people actually outweigh the bad people. There are more of us than you think. And with this I hope we can learn to understand each other’s culture and race. Perhaps we can even respect each others race once this negative atmosphere isn’t being in our face everyday. It is relatively easy to pick and choose which news to run. News was meant to be unbiased. Become unbiased and perhaps we can find this elusive world peace some have been after since the beginning of time.