We need to have a serious discussion on Chemtrails


Chemtrails, most often depicted as a conspiracy theory are more true than we all believe. They are right in front of our eyes. As I look up in the sky on a clear morning they are scattered and stretch across the entire sky. Here is a picture I took a few days ago.


The truth is they are spraying something. These are not regular jetliners. As I took this picture I was driving to work. It’s a 10 minute drive and I watched a plane start on the eastern horizon and by the time I reached work it was out of a sight on the western horizon. How does a plane fly across the entire sky in ten minutes leaving a huge trail of smoke, gas, metal, or whatever else is contained in these Chemtrails. They often disperse after about an hour. Ironically it was supposed to be a beautiful day. At about noon the entire sky was hazy and you couldn’t see the sun. This was one of the worst days I have seen. There were about 30 different trails that morning. I have reason to believe they are spraying them at night, with plenty of evidence.


NASA even admits to using them, somehow still passed off as conspiracy theory. Finally just yesterday Space.com reports NASA went public with creating artificial colorful clouds. Here is a response from the NASA website.




Tracers – Clouds and Trails

Tri-methyl aluminum
Luminous vapor trail of tri-methyl aluminum (TMA) reveals neutral winds, shears, gravity waves, and instabilities in the high-latitude, upper atmosphere.
Credits: NASA

First used with sounding rockets flown in the 1950’s, scientific research with experiments which inject vapor tracers in the upper atmosphere have greatly aided our understanding of our planet’s near-space environment. These materials make visible the naturally occurring flows of ionized and neutral particles either by luminescing at distinct wavelengths in the visible and infrared part of the spectrum or by scattering sunlight.

The type of vapor selected to create these colorful clouds and trails depends on the purpose of the investigation, the local time, and the altitude under study. Commonly used vapors that are released in space are:

  • Tri-methyl aluminum (TMA),
  • Lithium, and
  • Barium.

Tri-methyl aluminum (TMA)

Tri-methyl aluminum reacts with oxygen and produces chemi-luminescence when exposed to the atmosphere. The products of the reaction are aluminum oxide, carbon dioxide, and water vapor, which also occur naturally in the atmosphere. TMA releases are most often used to study the neutral winds in the lower ionosphere at night at altitudes of 100 miles (160 kilometers) or less.




Authors take

It’s already proven they are spraying these chemicals on us. They admit it on their own website. They are spraying Aluminum, Lithium and Barium. Aluminum particles could cause all sorts of health problem from cancer to depression. Barium is proven to create infertility. Most people know what Lithium is and it can turn people into zombies, it is used to stop people from thinking, it can calm down a population quickly. Systemically these three chemicals are very suspicious. If you were trying to harm, control and subdue a population these are three primary candidates for a tactical solution. Clearly something is going on, it’s in front of our eyes, its admitted. Personally I don’t want to be sprayed with aluminum, barium and lithium everyday. I don’t believe the kids of this world deserve this. We need a serious discussion on this immediately.