Your body is a vehicle – You are made of an indestructible material

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Your body is just a vehicle that we temporarily reside in. Everything here is real. We just reside in our body. We use it as a vehicle to travel and experience this planet in.

Your spirit is made of an indestructible material. We are a form of light that can take on many forms. We cannot be destroyed or harmed. While we are here our mind learns and we are being taught lessons.

I always like using this image above to describe it. Because for now we are locked in a organic body until our vehicle shuts down. With the vibration of Earth we live in, we need this dense form to interact with the planet around us. In the above picture you see it transforming into many different forms and an interpretation of the spirit form.

When I look in the mirror I picture a bright blue beam of energy as my form. It is different from the body we have now but it can also look the same.

You can travel freely in space and to other planets. You have more power than you could possibly imagine. You can travel at the speed of light.

The spirit envelops every living thing here. The earth is a school and everything here is at a different stage of learning. From the plants, to the animals and to the people that live here.

If we could start seeing everything living thing for what it is we could make a fundamental change that could rock this world.

Even the earth itself is a living being. It is speculated that the Earth holds all the energy of the living things that reside here. Deep in or around the earth our spirit form can live among other living things that have lived before us. There is more space than imaginable. Perhaps we can actually enter another dimension on the astral plane and have our own planet there.

you are a soul

Author’s Take

Either way someday it will be proven that the spirit or soul envelopes every living thing. When this happens it will shake humanity to the core. With that shake we can only hope that every living thing on this planet will be treated with respect.



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