Your Body Will Fully Rebuild Itself in less than 2 years

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Your body is your temple.


For those of us who haven’t taken the best care of our body there is still hope! Whether you were a smoker, drinker or didn’t exercise much in your life there is always time for change.

All the cells in your body eventually die off and are replaced by new cells. While this is also the reason we age, as in the article that explains each time our cells replace one another our telomeres get shorter. It is also beneficial to us because our body can replace the old damaged cells with new ones.

The diagram below shows 98% of your body will be entirely new in less than 365 days or a year. Your cells are replaced with the food you eat, the air you breath and the liquid you drink. So it is important to have a healthy diet for at least 2 years if you are trying to start a new life for yourself.


While 2 years may seem like a long time other studies have shown that the entire body rebuilds itself every 7-10 years. Like in the article from, the average age of cells in a person who is in their 30’s is 15.1 years old. So some cells do live longer than others. The good news if if you are under 30, 15 years in the future you will be 45. So the younger you start the better. More diseases and problems can come later on in life.

For example if you are a smoker, studies show it can take 10-15 years to reduce the risk of developing lung cancer to that of a non-smoker. The best advice is to start younger. Studies show less than 2% of lung cancers begin before the age of 45. Therefore it is wise to start 15 years before then if you are currently a smoker.

Even your DNA changes with every action, everything you eat and everything you think. Studies have shown your heart and intentions have a strong impact on DNA. Your mind creates your reality. This is even true with your DNA. Exercise and a healthy diet can literally change what you are made of. If you do the proper research you can find stress has a large impact on all the cells in your body. Living with love, happiness and kindness will grow the healthiest cells. Believe and start today.